Proxima™ interface to Conworx data management solutions enables seamless data transfer from ex-vivo analyser

Cambridge, UK. 14th June 2016. Proxima™ patient-dedicated blood gas analysis system can now be connected into the Conworx family of laboratory information system interfaces and data management solutions. This is a significant development since it ensures the seamless transfer of blood gas and electrolyte test results from Proxima™ directly into laboratory information systems and electronic patient records - a key requirement for the successful implementation of Point of Care (POC) testing.

With the availability of the new software drivers, users will be able to directly import all diagnostics data from Proxima™ at the patient’s bedside into Conworx’ POCcelerator™, UniPOC™ middleware data management products. In addition, the new interface will allow direct connectivity into Clinisys laboratory information management systems (LIMS) through the CliniSys PoCT Solutions interface.

Both Conworx and CliniSys software solutions are widely used in hospitals internationally, ensuring that data transfer from this novel blood gas analyser can be easily implemented, and its use and performance also readily monitored remotely. Conworx’s middleware solutions provide connectivity, management and integration for more than 150 different POCT device types, as well all relevant information and patient record systems. The Conworx customer base includes 1800 hospitals in 25 countries. 

CliniSys software systems are used in over 2500 laboratories in 35 countries. Moreover, CliniSys products are utilised in 40% of NHS Trusts in England and Scotland, with a further significant presence in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.

Sphere Medical CEO, Wolfgang Rencken commented:

“This presents a huge step forward into integrating data from Proxima™ into laboratory information systems and electronic patient records. Partnering with Conworx allows our customers to use one middleware solution for all of their POC connectivity needs and greatly simplifies the implementation of Proxima™ within the hospital.”

Conworx CEO, Roman Rosenkranz, said:
“We are delighted to be able to offer the first interface to an ex-vivo analyser, which provides a seamless connection from the patient right through to the laboratory information system.”