Sphere Medical achieves CE marking for the Pelorus 1000

22 November 2010: Sphere Medical has achieved CE Marking for their Pelorus 1000 propofol measurement system, the world's first commercially available propofol analyser.

Propofol is widely used in critical care, for general anaesthesia in the operating room and for sedation in the intensive care unit. At the present time, the concentration of intravenous anaesthetics in the blood stream cannot be measured in real time. The ability to titrate propofol to whole blood concentration is expected to be a key tool in individualising and optimising therapy at the patient level, both in the operating room and the intensive care unit. The Pelorus 1000 offers the clinical researcher, for the first time, the ability to carry out studies which require real time drug concentration measurement, rather than retrospective sample analysis.

Dr Peter Glass, a member of Sphere’s Medical Advisory Board and also a Professor and Chair of the Department of Anesthesia, State University of New York, Stony Brook, commented: “By having an accurate picture of propofol levels in real time, anaesthesiologists will be able to more effectively control the dosing regime in individual patients thus enabling more effective sedation or anaesthesia and achieve more rapid recovery. The greatest potential benefit is likely to be for patients in the intensive care unit where patients are sedated for days often leading to a tendency to over sedate the patient and thus prolonging recovery of consciousness when a decision is made to stop sedation. Another area where this technology will be valuable is in intravenous anaesthesia for particular patient groups, such as obese and critically ill patients, where the traditional dosing models are not that accurate”.